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About Blogs

What is a blog?
A blog (WeBLOG) is a Website that contains dated entries in reverse chronological order (most recent first) about a particular topic. Functioning as an online journal, blogs can be written by one person or a group of contributors. Entries contain commentary and links to other Websites, and images as well as a search facility may also be included.

Standard blog features include easy posting, archives of previous posts, and a standalone Web page for each post to the blog with a unique URL. The latter feature facilitates linking to and organizing content within the same blog and from external sites.

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Why use a blog?
The primary purpose of a blog is to communicate information. If your section or chapter is interested in marketing or promoting your activities a blog may be a good choice. Blogs are an excellent way to promote events and programs, list FAQ’s, and store photos. Blogs differ from traditional static Websites by encouraging comments and creating a forum for discussion on topics.

For one medical librarian's perspective on blogging and its comparison to traditional, mainstream media, check out the following:

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