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Where is the Splash in Google’s Wave

Filed under: TF — Bart Ragon at 8:15 pm on Thursday, June 4, 2009


I just watched Google Video Presentation on their new experiment call Google Wave.  So with MLA and vacation I hadn’t checked my RSS feeds for awhile so I felt a little behind. This morning I opened up my RSS reader excited to hear what everyone had to say and to my surprise there was amazingly little chatter about Google Wave.  Maybe I’m wrong here, but about 10 social networking light bulbs went off when I watched the video. Heck I watched the entire 120 minutes video and I never do that! 

So if you don’t know about Google Wave please consider this:

  • It’s being developed by the people that worked on Google Maps (and we all like that)
  • Email was developed 30 years ago and based on a paper system.  Google Wave is based on how you would design email in today’s social world.
  • It’s like merging IM, email, Wikis, Blogs, and any other collaboration tools into one place.
  • Google wants developers to develop which means its useful application will grow much like the iPhone. 
  • It’s another step towards Software as a Service and Cloud Computing.



So before you think I have stock in Google (and I don’t) there are going to be plenty of problems with Google Wave.  All I’m saying is check it out.  The concept is pretty darn cool and I’m sure we will see aspects of this in our Web in the near future.  The two readings below provide a great overview of the pros and cons.

Some interesting reads:

Google Wave: What Might Email Look Like If It Were Invented Today?

Debating the power of Google’s Wave

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Comment by Molly Knapp

June 4, 2009 @ 9:21 pm

Google wave is so shiny, I’m blinded! Luckily, someone at DaniWeb (an “IT discussion community”) put on some sunglasses.

Library curmudgeons should check out

A Curmudgeonly Look at Google Wave

Raises some interesting questions, and not a long read.

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